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Water and Waste

Power quality solutions for the water and wastewater industry

Harmonic distortion significantly impacts grid capacity, system reliability and efficiency in industrial water facilities that use many adjustable speed drives for variable pumping, aeration blowers and many other operations required to process huge volumes of fluid.

Some water treatment plants are powered through their industrial process facility’s electrical distribution system instead of directly through their own utility transformer; if that facility has processes that contain non-linear loads, the result is increased harmonic content – which leads to poor power quality, reduced motor life, equipment failure and significantly reduced efficiency.

When mission critical equipment and applications are at stake, harmonics can wreak havoc, shut down systems, cause operating costs to skyrocket and dependability to plummet. Proactive mitigation is the easiest, most sensible approach to preventing serious issues.

Mirus harmonic filtering solutions optimize the electrical behaviour of the drives in dynamic conditions, minimizing disruption, and allow higher processing capacity and increased output in periods of peak demand. At the same time, they save energy by reducing voltage fluctuations in electrified systems.