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Power quality solutions for the oil and gas industry

When non-linear loads cause harmonic voltages and currents in electrical systems, they can overheat vital equipment and conductors, causing variable speed drives to misfire and creating damaging torque pulsations in motors. For an offshore oil rig dependent on its systems, or a submersible pump in a remote, unmanned oil well, 100% reliability is essential.

In an industry that invests huge amounts of capital in mission critical systems, harmonic disturbances can cause inefficiencies, damage, and even failure, resulting in massive costs in terms of maintenance, replacement, energy consumption and more. Every high-energy application with an adjustable speed drive (AC or DC) on an electric motor will experience harmonics. Companies simply can’t afford to have their systems fail; a solution that mitigates disruptions is essential.

Mirus solutions allow oil and gas companies to proactively mitigate risk by solving harmonics issues and monitoring their systems to prevent future occurrences.