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Mirus International Inc.

Mission Statement

Through innovative engineering and technical expertise, we provide energy-efficient and effective power quality solutions for users of power electronic technology.

Vision Statement

Be the global resource in resolving harmonic problems for users of power electronic technology.

Corporate Profile

Since 1991, Mirus International Inc. has been a supplier of specialized power quality products to reduce or eliminate harmonic problems and save energy in electrical power distribution systems worldwide. As true innovators, our unique approach to harmonic mitigation has produced many patented designs useful in addressing the problems associated with harmonic generating non-linear loads such as personal computers, telecom equipment, broadcasting equipment and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

Our strength is in our technical expertise as problem solvers. Principals at the company have been successfully resolving difficult power quality problems for decades. This includes the first application of a zero sequence harmonic filter for the removal of heavy 3rd harmonic current in a high tech manufacturing facility in 1986. Our Neutral Current Eliminator, or NCE, is a refined version of this first device.

We are the original inventors of Harmonic Mitigating Transformers which combine low zero phase sequence impedance with phase shifting to treat harmonics generated by non-linear loads. This strategy not only improves power quality by reducing voltage distortion and flat-topping but also saves energy by lowering the harmonic losses within the transformer and upstream distribution system. We actively promote the financial and environmental benefits of our highly efficient transformer products and are proud to be Energy Star Partners, US Green Building Council members and Rebuild America Business Partners.

With the introduction of our revolutionary LINEATOR Universal Harmonic Filter (UHF) in 1999, we have begun to capture a significant portion of the market for premium harmonic Variable Frequency Drive solutions. Our newest generation Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF) has built on this success and now is the solution of choice for many of the major VFD manufacturers and is being specified by many consulting engineers worldwide.

Our one-of-a-kind Harmonics & Energy (H&E) Lab offers the ability to fully test products under ‘real world’ non-linear load conditions. Through performance validation in the H&E Lab, our customers can be assured that our promised power quality improvement and cost saving energy reductions can be fully realized.

At Mirus, we are motivated by the challenge of finding solutions for the most difficult of power quality problems and to design the highest efficiency transformer and harmonic filtering products on the market. In this way we expect to continue our steady growth, one satisfied customer at a time.

Executive Officers

Tony Hoevenaars

Tony Hoevenaars is President & CEO of Mirus International Incorporated. Prior to joining Mirus in 1996, Tony was the chief facilities electrical engineer at an IBM manufacturing facility in Toronto where he gained experience in solving power quality related problems, particularly in the area of harmonics. Tony is a professional engineer, member of IEEE and has published various papers on power quality.

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Quality Policy Statement

We at MIRUS International Inc. are committed to achieving excellence in all we do. We strive to provide all of our customers with truly effective and reliable power quality products and services based on sound, innovative engineering.

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