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Tuesday 12.03.2013  
MIRUS International has launched its new, high performance LINEATOR Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF) that matches the performance of Active Front Ends (AFE) or Active Harmonic Filters (AHF).

Thursday 08.08.2013  
Mirus International advances harmonics analysis technology with the release of SOLV 6.5, the industry's leading software


Wednesday 06.05.2013

Mirus International joins the ranks of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

Monday 08.04.2013
Mirus Engineers complete solution to resolve inverter driven motor issues

Monday 29.01.2013
Albert Archambault speaks about smart methods to prevent electrical harmonics problems in buildings

Wednesday 30.05.2012
Stricter IEEE 519 Harmonic Limits for Hospitals met by Lineator Harmonic Filter



MIRUS International Inc. designs and develops world class power quality improvement products for mission critical operations. Our specialized product line includes highly efficient harmonic filters, transformers, autotransformers and Data Center power distribution equipment. Mirus’ solutions minimize disruption to the power supply, improve reliability and adhere to the strictest of regulatory requirements while also saving energy and reducing operating costs.

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  • SOLV™, Mirus’ proprietary and complimentary software, is a powerful simulation program that calculates current and voltage distortion levels by simulating the Mirus Lineator™ and VFD based on your load requirements.
  • SOLV™ can accurately predict the performance level you can expect, saving you the expense of a costly harmonic study.
  • View current and voltage waveforms and harmonic spectrums.
  • Produces detailed IEEE 519 compliance reports.
  • Perform energy analysis.
  • Calculates TIF and I*T Product at PCC#1 and PCC#2 and more.

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Challenges When Designing an Effective Harmonic Mitigation System for your Variable Frequency Drive


- Free Mirus Webinar -

Diagnosing Harmonics, Power Loss and Energy Savings using SOLV

Wed, August 27, 2014 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

In this webinar, join MIRUS’ Chief Engineer, Marek Farbis as he demonstrates how SOLV 6.5 can help you identify power loss, and diagnose an appropriate energy-saving solution for your ASD application. Marek will start by providing a demonstration of SOLV’s user interface and then swiftly move on to the features and reporting capabilities of this powerful software. He will show you that by entering some basic information, such as your source and ASD system, SOLV 6.5 will accurately calculate your current and voltage distortion levels by simulating ASD applications based on your load requirements. Marek will give examples of how harmonic losses can be calculated in transformers and cables, with SOLV giving kW, kVA and kVAR numerics at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) and Distributions Panel. Marek will show you how to use SOLV 6.5 to run “dual scenarios” (which allows the alteration of 1-line parameters). Doing so allows you to objectively find the best available solution to minimize power and energy loss. So, for example, the following comparisons will be made: • VFD & Lineator AUHF versus VFD & 18-Pulse His aim is to prove that a significant amount of energy can be saved by removing harmonic losses that are introduced by ASDs. And to remove harmonic losses, all you need is a Lineator, which pays for itself several times over from the ensuing energy savings. The conclusions Marek arrives at are presented clearly with SOLV 6.5’s report generation tool. Marek will demonstrate that at the click of a button, you can generate reports which predict how much energy can be saved by reducing harmonic losses, as well as diagnosing the right solution for your ASD applications.


Watch MIRUS Webinar on 6 Power Factor Misconceptions

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lineator Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF)

Frequently Asked Questions about Harmonic Mitigating Transformers (HMT)

Lineator AUHF Video presentation

Mirus Harmonics & Energy Lab (H&E)

Mirus International Inc. corporate brochure

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